Northern Lights Project – Faroe Islands’ Light Festival

Northern Lights Image-by-Roman-Gerasymenko-660x440

(Photography: Roman Gerasymenko)

The next Northern Lights Project will be taking place in Faroe Islands in November 2013.  The Curated Place and the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, with the support of Nordic Culture Point, are developing new works for exhibition at Northern Lights Festival in Faroe Island as well as taking forward some of the works that made Reykjavik Winter Light Festival such a success.

Bringing together artists from Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands and the UK the project aims to enable artist to develop their field of practice into large-scale public realm works whilst encouraging creators from different fields of the arts to share skills, ideas and knowledge – alongside creating stunning installations for the broadest audience possible.

We’ll be curating and producing a light trail through Torshavn with the Norðurlandahúsið í Føroyum and Reykjavik’s Ingi Thor Jonsson in a major event that will run alongside the annual literature festival. The artists will explore the connections between storytelling and art in the environment that creates the unique flavour of Faroese literature.

Hanni Bjartalíð

Building on our work together from the 2012 Liverpool Biennial Faroese painter Hanni Bjartalíð is developing a series of experimental works in our Manchester studios as part of the Curated Place Residency Programme. The results will see the artist realise a major new installation at the heart of the Nordic House that will bring a dramatic new cityscape skyline to the Faroes by realising one of his sublime floating worlds sculptures at a larger scale than he has ever attempted before.  Although trained as a painter Hanni’s work most often now takes the form of 3d sculptures created from found materials. Just as with his paintings Bjartalíð recycles his sculptural objects often reusing parts from works shown in exhibitions to create new, larger works. An epic new work is in the offing and is a project we’re all excited to see realised on his home turf.

 Hanni photo

Ulf Pedersen

Norwegian Ulf Pedersen has been working as an artist in the public realm for some 12 years now. His work is light-based and more recently, he has been exploring a sound element.  Pedersen will be lighting the general festival route as well as exhibiting two light works at the festival.

Lys*Arp will transform a part of Víarlundin Park into a magical, contemplative space, taking visitors into the belly of an enormous instrument. A series of lengths of electroluminescent light wire (EL wire) are tied to rigid formers, arching to mimic the shape, scale and length of a tunnel or canopy. Each length of EL wire is programmed through a MIDI to DMX, synchronised with the sound of an original stringed instrument soundtrack; as the viewer passes through the tunnel of illuminated arches, an improvised soundscape emerges as though each length of EL wire is being gently plucked by a musicians fingers. 

Lys*Arp - Reykjavik Winter Light Festival - Image-by-Roman-Gerasymenko

(Photography: Roman Gerasymenko)

Kristján Gunnar Kristjánsson and Örvar Halldórsson

Icelandic lighting designer and guerrilla lighting aficionado Kristján Gunnar Kristjánsson works with CCP game design director Örvar Halldórsson bringing together their skills of lighting design and motion graphics wizardry to create architectural lighting installation on the Nordic House and creating a series of projection mapping in the surrounding area. 

Waking-the-Statues - Image-by-Roman-Gerasymenko-660x440

(Photography: Roman Gerasymenko)

Elisa Artesero

Elisa Artesero specialises in Light Art and uses installation, photography, glass and film to capture light’s essence. Her work addresses themes of transience, the nature of happiness and hope. It is also seasonal as lighting levels affect what she can produce and also where she takes inspiration from – sunlight in the summer, vivid artificial light in winter. Light Holds me Here will be a new body of work exhibited in the Nordic House which fuses her two creative backgrounds in light art and literature on the theme of ‘desire’ and ‘void’. 




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