Kew Gardens Mayan Magic – Easter 2012

Kew Gardens

Mayan Magic – Kew Easter Festival 2012

Inspired by the Mayans, Curated Place worked with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew to deliver an experience that explored the 3000 year old history of chocolate. Families were invited to immerse themselves in the mythology, and magic of chocolate on The Maya Trail.

Following a storyline that revealed the transformation from bean to bar, children were invited to follow clues through the gardens to discover the history of chocolate and find out about their part in its future.

Building on the success of the 2011 Easter Festival, Curated Place used the remarkable history of cacao to engage families in a tale of botany, Fairtrade, ecology and environmental awareness, all told through the magical lens of chocolate.

One of the most mysterious cultures ever to have walked the earth, the Mayans left behind many markers of their culture, with evidence throughout Central America of their remarkable civilization. Their art, architecture, and symbolism provided the project with a rich graphic pallet whilst their language, mathematics and mythology provide an unrivalled narrative… and of course, their most lasting discovery, chocolate, provided the perfect vehicle for exploring Easter at Kew.

Borrowing from the history and mythology of the Mayans and other Mesoamerican cultures Curated Place delivered the 2012 Easter Festival as an interactive trail that brought together fun puzzles, history, mythology and of course chocolate.

Based around a treasure-hunt style game visitors followed clues throughout the gardens discovering a series of self-guided activities that, on successful completion, rewarded them with offerings to gain access to the great Mayan Chocolate temple, built by Curated Place on Kew Palace Lawn. Families also took part in making Guatemalan Worry Dolls, Mayan mask making and head dress craft-creations.  Those lucky enough to get there on time also had the chance to participate in chocolate making workshops with our partners The Chocolution.

Mayan Magic at the 2012 Kew Easter Festival thoroughly immersed children in the connection of their favourite treats to their natural environment and as a result, enhanced their interest in the source of chocolate and highlighted their responsibilities towards it.

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