Hacienda 25: Fac 491

Encompassing subjects as diverse as fashion, art, architecture, graphic design, the emergent gay scene, urban redevelopment, Situationist philosophy and, of course, music, Haçienda 25 showed how one city’s cultural entrepreneurs became cutting-edge creative producers working on the world-stage. 

An Urbis originated exhibition, Hacienda 25 was curated and designed by Curated Place in close consultation with Peter Hook (New Order), Tony Wilson (Factory Records), Peter Saville and Ben Kelly. The exhibition brought together the only surviving full set of birthday posters, audio and video rarities recorded live in the club and the most complete collection of Haçienda memorabilia from the private collections of Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton.

Allocated its own Factory number (FAC 491) the exhibition celebrated the 25th anniversary of the club’s opening and attracted over 100,000 visitors.

Peter Saville, Peter Hook and Hacienda designer Ben Kelly shared their experiences in video interviews with Miranda Sawyer. Additionally, brand new works by Yohji Yamamoto and Ben Kelly were shown for the first time, set within a design aesthetic true to the Haçienda and based on the original plans of this genre defining venue.

Divided into 15 thematic sections, the exhibition told the comprehensive history of how the first true indie venue metamorphosised into the most important club in the world – inventing acid house and club culture in the process. Hacienda 25 looked first at a chronology of the club and turned to the lasting importance of Factory and The Hacienda as the birthplace of Manchester’s creative explosion that continues to shape its culture today.

 “The Hacienda may of meant many different things to many different people, but it remains a cornerstone of Manchester’s cultural history” – The Sunday Times

 “This is one party that just goes on and on. ‘Hacienda 25 The Exhibition: Fac 491’ is a collective pat on the back for Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Ben Kelly, Rob Gretton and Co. – the brains behind one of Britain‘s legendary clubs, the Hacienda, which still remains vital to the city’s cultural identity after a quarter of a century.” – Time Out