Drawn to the Beat

Drawn to the Beat

Drawn to the Beat was a participatory music drawing event using Silent Disco technology. The event was a chance for people to experience ‘music drawing’ by drawing alongside artist Naomi Kendrick in Band on The Wall’s club space, which became a silent disco and enormous drawing surface for the night.

The fascinating method of drawing music Naomi Kendrick has developed has the act of listening and physical response is at it’s core. Through drawing in this way she attempts to bring an immediate connection between mind and body that results in a drawing.

This process often involves working with her eyes closed and using both hands, moving in response to the layers and speed of the sound heard, and building up an energetic drawing of layered marks.

The event (open to all ages) encouraged other people to draw and respond to the music in their own unique way. The silent disco technology silently delivered an eclectic mix of music, selected in collaboration with musicians, onto headphones worn by Kendrick and the participants as they drew. Two different channels of music could be chosen via the headphones – some people drew to classical music whilst their neighbour sketched to reggae.

Every now and again the music was played through the club’s speaker system to be heard by everyone, connecting people’s movements and drawings with the music. This created a playful space where the idea of a solitary, internal perception and a shared act of creativity could be explored.

A film of Naomi’s performance Drawing Music by Mark Morreaux was commissioned by DaDa Fest International 2010 and was shown on BBC Big Screens Nationally and on BBC2 The Culture Show. During filming Naomi Kendrick drew two versions of the album Mystic Brew : The Fat City Sound by Martin Brew.