One hundred delegates from the UK and the Netherlands came together in Manchester to share ideas on how higher education institutions can work better with business and government to promote growth and create jobs during this time of economic uncertainty in Europe.

Apeldoorn Conferences are an important forum for the freshest thinkers from the Netherlands and the UK to meet, network and exchange great ideas and creative solutions to help solve 21st century challenges.

Curated Place delivered documentation of this event through photographers, filmmakers, videographers and producers who brought expertise and experience from commercial and creative sectors. The delivery included film and stills that captured the event and created a useful resource that extended and disseminated its impact internationally. Visit this link to view Curated Place’s footage. http://www.apeldoornconference2012.org/

All too often in the digital age quantity of media is favoured over quality – Curated Place believes in delivering both. Rather than creating a superfluous library of images or film Curated Place’s approach ensures that the messages, lessons and themes of events are captured in a way that allows people that weren’t able to attend access the information in a meaningful and usable way.

In addition to creating a record, Curated Place moves beyond documentation by engaging directly with speakers, stakeholders and audiences through interview, interaction and interrogation of ideas discussed and developed during conferences or events.

The Curated Place team comprises professional filmmakers, photographers and producers who understand the requirements of funders, stakeholders, delegates and organisers of conference and cultural events. The team delivers simple reporting, wide audience accessibility, a fast turn around, high quality media production and proven track records in high profile events.

Curated Place’s previous clients include The British Council CLI Programme, The Netherlands Business Support Office, BBC Philharmonic, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, JWT, Aardman Animation, Manchester Art Gallery, Salford University, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Marketing Manchester, MIDAS, Sabbath Bikes, Mere Golf & Country Club, Cube Gallery Manchester, Imagine Publishing, ILEX Publishing, Corridor Manchester, Raw Design agency, Creative Concern and Peter Saville.